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The true products of the tradition


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not only food


We departed from the traditions of our land, a territory rich in history, culture, unique products and extraordinary people.


Ours is a real mission, to learn, to taste and sample some of the best products tella tradition of campania.


Quality & Traditional Campania

The largest shop of wine and food products from the Campania.

We want:

- bring the pleasure, sensitivity and curiosity of our customers the most beautiful stories of the firms of the tradition of our territory, promoting meetings in our Shop, but also at the companies of our partner manufacturers.

- to appreciate and taste to our customers the product lines by promoting a culture of "knowing how to recognize quality food" with meetings themed on wine, extra-virgin oil,the properties of the honey, etc...

- become the point of reference for gift Food, that should not be a gift trivial, but a "gift" refined culture that drags with itself , the packaging and the image Premium which we intend to make in the shop for exhibiting, the quality of the products and ambience.

- to create a true container of gastronomical experiences through a large the care, an ability to tell the stories of the products, of the families of the manufacturers, the beauty of the territories of origin.